“People come to Sheli for counsel of all sorts and for prayer…they flock to her when it comes to Spiritual Warfare. She absolutely does not play. She feeds you and gives you the tools to fish, and I absolutely LOVE that about her! You will be held accountable, and at the same time, protected. She has an anointing on her that is so pure, so divine, so awesome and whole.  Sheli is the true definition of a Spiritual Gangster!”


“Sheli brings a keen sense of clarity to any situation. I recall being in limbo while selecting a specific name for my company.  In 2.3 seconds she articulated exactly what I was thinking. And she didn’t stop there. She gave me effective marketing strategies to build my business as well as clear direction for social media.  Simply put, Sheli is a wealth of amazing information all stored in one location -her brain- LOL. Do yourself a favor and hire this lady. It’s an investment you’ll never regret. I’m GRATEFUL for her coaching and my business is the better because of it.”


“There are few transparent people in the world today and Sheli is one.  She truly desires the best for people. She wants them to thrive, succeed and be their best.  Sheli is not judgmental and will give you the truth and wisdom in a palatable way.  She is undeniably anointed to do what she is doing.”


“Sheli is truly filled with the Word of life and truth.  She has an awesome way of seeing someone’s potential and encouraging them to reach for their goals.  Mediocre is never good enough. She loves you toward your potential.”